RAD is really all about how you can get yourself to exercise and eat smart . . . to win the race against diabetes.




"Diabetics have a solemn duty: we must save our families and friends from diabetes, from dying in misery from diabetes or watching us die in misery. And we can."

--RAD co-founder Terry












How to Prevent Diabetes


First things first:  Not all cases of diabetes can be prevented.  Most cases of Type 2 can be prevented, most cases of gestational diabetes can be prevented, and no cases of Type 1 can be prevented (at least not yet).  And not all complications can be prevented if you already have diabetes–but most complications can be prevented.

So how can we prevent most cases of diabetes and its complications if you already have it? The not-so-secret top secret is:  exercise and smart eating.

OK, so you already knew the secret . . . . (Or if you didn’t, see our References page–we’re not just making this stuff up.)

But even if everybody already knows the secret, the diabetic epidemic is getting worse, as the obesity epidemic is getting worse. We’re not getting exercise even when we know we should. We think we don’t have time to exercise, or we don’t do it because we just don’t like to exercise. Some of us don’t exercise because it hurts. And about eating, we’re careless, certainly not careful–we eat for gratification, or avoidance, or just out of habit, when we should be eating mindfully. This isn’t to say these are easy problems to fix, but . . .

Here’s what RAD has to offer–

–  RACING AGAINST DIABETES can help you exercise and eat smart.

–  RACING AGAINST DIABETES can change your life–and save you, your family and your friends from diabetes and its complications.

–  You can start RACING AGAINST DIABETES today.

–  RACING AGAINST DIABETES has just three components; they’re simple but you have to take them seriously:



If you think you don’t have time to exercise, if you just don’t like to exercise, or if you just can’t get motivated, here’s the solution:

Join a team, form a team, lead a team.

You do have time to spend with your family or your friends, so make it exercise time. Even if you don’t like to exercise–you will enjoy it when it’s with your team. Walking’s great, the gym is great, the exercise bikes in front of the TV are great.  Anything that gets blood flowing through those toes is what we all need–and we’ll do it if it’s fun. The good news is that it’s fun when we do it together.

Starting line at a local Race Against Diabetes_240x240While we’re walking or biking or lifting together, it won’t hurt to talk about smart eating once in a while–it’ll help us all think about how we think about eating. And it’ll certainly give us support/reinforcement/encouragement for eating smart, while we’re supporting our teammates about it, too.

The team thing isn’t just about taking care of ourselves, though that’s our duty to our family and friends. It’s also about saving our family and friends from getting diabetes. Get them on our team, and be leaders! Schedule exercise with them, get them to commit that they’ll fight to make sure they don’t get diabetes. Leading a team is the ultimate motivator for you; you’re fully committed when you lead a team. Have you ever watched the volunteer leaders in a Leukemia Society’s Team in Training session? No one is more committed to training than those trainers! Try leading your RAD team–you’ll help yourself while you’re saving your team from diabetes!

If you not only need to exercise but also need to lose weight, it’s not easy–but you can do it with help from your team. You can save your team, too. Moderate weight loss can prevent most cases of diabetes, and it’ll help prevent complications if you’re already diabetic. Some folks can exercise by themselves, and a few folks can even lose weight by themselves. But most of us need support–a team to do it together, to make it fun. So team up!

With the fun and support we get when we exercise with our team, we can win the race against diabetes!



Commit to beating diabetes, and tell everyone you’re going to beat it!

It’s important to make exercise and smart eating a big priority, and to commit to it:  tell everyone you’re “training” for the race against diabetes, and it’ll help you keep your promise!

RAD‘s commitment element is the biggest help for smart eating: if you tell everyone you’re going to win the race against diabetes, you won’t pig out. If you wear your RAD “I’m Racing Against Diabetes” T-shirt when you go to Home Town Buffet, you won’t pig out, and you can help save more people when they ask you about your shirt.



Schedule exercise–“training” for the race against diabetes–every day. With your team.

Perhaps the most important of the RAD components is to schedule your exercise or “training.” Put it on your calendar for a fixed time every day. If you don’t, the time will pass, and then the day will pass.

It’s helpful if it’s the same time every day, and it’s best if it’s with your family and friends.  Schedule a walk or run or ride with them at a fixed time every day, or at least on regular days each week. —Scheduling your exercise with your team will help make sure you show up!


Team up!                      Commit!                     Schedule it!