RAD is really all about how you can get yourself to exercise and eat smart . . . to win the race against diabetes.




"Diabetics have a solemn duty: we must save our families and friends from diabetes, from dying in misery from diabetes or watching us die in misery. And we can."

--RAD co-founder Terry












Why we encourage cycling

RAD family-Kaia-M-B-2Walking, cycling, swimming, shooting hoops, smacking volleyballs . . . even golf if you walk the course . . . it’s all good. But some of us diabetics can’t walk without pain . . . .

Cycling’s our recommendation if you can’t walk much–almost everyone can cycle without hurting their feet. Do choose safe paths–or ride a stationary bike (in front of your TV!). And do wear a helmet if you’re not stationary.

Better yet, if you can’t get into riding outside, go to a spin class. Yikes, what a workout! You’ll be motivated to push yourself, and that’s a good thing. Of course, you don’t need to go any harder than you can–and you should ramp out your workouts very gradually over a period of months and months. And don’t forget to talk to everyone there! It’s part of the team thing that makes it fun, gets us support, gets us supporting one another. And don’t forget to wear your “I’m Racing Against Diabetes” T-shirt, and schedule the classes on your calendar!

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