RAD is really all about how you can get yourself to exercise and eat smart . . . to win the race against diabetes.




"Diabetics have a solemn duty: we must save our families and friends from diabetes, from dying in misery from diabetes or watching us die in misery. And we can."

--RAD co-founder Terry












You CAN Exercise – More on Here’s How


  The epidemic rise in incidence of diabetes in the U.S. comes from our growing size (weight).  But there’s hope if we all team up and get moving now!  The Diabetes Prevention Program study showed that most cases of diabetes can be prevented by very moderate weight loss.  For those who already have diabetes, exercise and weight loss can reverse it, or at the very least prevent or reduce its complications. 


  So . . . we all know we should be exercising more and eating smarter . . . .  —But we know that isn’t easy!  Racing Against Diabetes is about how to do it. 


  Here’s the quick lesson:  You probably think you don’t have time to exercise.  Well, we can find the time to exercise if it’s our family time/social time.  —Or if you just don’t like to exercise, you’ll surprise yourself when you do it with your family or friends—that makes it fun!  —It’s also important to make exercise and smart eating a big priority, and to commit to it:  tell everyone you’re “training” for the race against diabetes, and it’ll help you keep your promise!  —Finally, schedule your “workouts” with your family and friends.  Schedule a walk or run or ride with them at a regular time every day—it’ll help make sure you show up!


  What’s been missing in exercise and diabetes-prevention campaigns is the importance of support we get and give when we “team up.”  So form a team with your family and friends, help each other win the race against diabetes!  We’re all in this together, and we can’t win the race alone!