RAD is really all about how you can get yourself to exercise and eat smart . . . to win the race against diabetes.




"Diabetics have a solemn duty: we must save our families and friends from diabetes, from dying in misery from diabetes or watching us die in misery. And we can."

--RAD co-founder Terry












Type 2 and Complications Can Be Prevented


There’s  hope if we all get moving now!  CDC’s  Diabetes Prevention Program study showed that most cases of diabetes can be  prevented by very moderate weight loss.    For those who already have diabetes, exercise and weight loss can at  the very least prevent or reduce its complications.


The subjects in the Diabetes Prevention Program study were  already overweight and pre-diabetic—with elevated blood sugar levels.  The experimental group reduced their risk  of becoming diabetic by 58% with only a moderate [5-7%] weight loss  accomplished through very moderate exercise [30 min. of walking five days per  week] and restriction of fat intake to 25% or less of total calories.


–And there is no doubt that their risk would have been reduced  even further if they had lost even more weight.  —But better yet!  Don’t  get overweight in the first place!    Especially kids!!


The  epidemic rise in incidence of diabetes in the U.S. comes from our failure to  get in training to race against it.    We can change the course of the epidemic—and the course of your  life!  Join us and start training with  us to win the race against diabetes!