RAD is really all about how you can get yourself to exercise and eat smart . . . to win the race against diabetes.




"Diabetics have a solemn duty: we must save our families and friends from diabetes, from dying in misery from diabetes or watching us die in misery. And we can."

--RAD co-founder Terry












About RAD

WHO is Racing Against Diabetes?

  You are!  —Whether you like it or not!  
Racing Against Diabetes (RAD) is the campaign of Racing
Against Diabetes Foundation, Inc. (RADF). IRS has approved RADF as a 501c3
tax-exempt charitable organization. (Contributions are tax deductible.)

RADF was started in 2006 by Terry and Patty.P and T waving 2

Terry’s the World’s Luckiest Man because he’s had diabetes for 47 years,  and he’s still alive and kicking. Terry is the official RAD cheerleader.  Terry doesn’t want you to get diabetes.

Patty has been fighting Terry’s diabetes as his support crew for almost 40 years. Patty’s Ph.D. thesis studied factors that influence people to exercise; Patty—Dr. Patty, that is—also taught nutrition classes. Patty doesn’t want you to get diabetes, either.

RADF is about prevention through training and teamwork, not fundraising. RADF, the Foundation, will never pay any salaries to its directors or officers.
Terry and Patty’s cool RAD bike jerseys and all their expenses and gear that they use to promote RAD are paid for entirely out of their own pockets. Until we come up with a better idea to get everyone training, contributions to RAD will be used only to purchase more motivational T-shirts to give away!

RADF’s purpose is to prevent the epidemic of diabetes, and also to prevent
complications of diabetes for those who already have it. If we all train like athletes, we can win the race against diabetes!

RADF will help us form teams and start training . . . by, among other things, giving away “I’m Racing Against Diabetes” T-shirts to get everyone training . . . .

What we all need to do is: (1) form a team, train with the team or lead the team; (2) express our commitment to training, to everyone we know; and (3) schedule our training. (Pledge to do those things, and we’ll give you an “I’m Racing Against Diabetes” T-shirt. See our News page about it.)

You can also get free coaching and cheerleading from Terry and Patty—email us.

WHEN is the race?
Now!! Today!! . . . Or at least this week . . . please?! We have to show our kids how to do this. We have to do this with our kids. Before it’s too late!!

WHERE is the race?
Outdoors, on bikes or on foot. Indoors—stationary bikes, treadmills, anything! At home. At work. Everywhere across the U.S. (and the whole world!).

WHY are we racing against diabetes?

Because DIABETES IS COMING! DIABETES IS COMING! Because diabetes will cause so much misery, and will break first the entire health care system and then the entire country!

We’re “racing” because we got tired of doing walks and rides for diabetes. Heck, we’re in a hurry! Our “racing” theme also fits what we’re about: we want to get everyone to team up and train like athletes, to win the race we’re all in. “Training” doesn’t mean we’re going to make it to the pro’s–we all need to train at different levels. But just like all athletes training for a competition, we need to train together as a team, because that’s how we can support each other and because that’s what makes it fun.

Oh, we’re also racing against diabetes, not for it. Those walks and rides for diabetes that we mentioned just drive us nuts–who in their right mind wants to walk for diabetes? We’re against it!

And just as a coincidence, several years after we started RAD, we learned that in German, RAD means bike, or wheel. How appropriate, since we like cycling for exercise, because almost everyone can do it. (See our News page on “Why we encourage cycling.”)

Why . . . does RAD exist? When we started RAD, the big diabetes organizations weren’t saying much about exercise or about prevention of the diabetes epidemic. We were alarmed that no one was shouting from the rooftops that an epidemic of diabetes is on its way. “Diabetes is coming!  Diabetes is coming!” We knew that a public health approach–not a medical one–was the only way to stop the epidemic, and we knew that exercise and smart eating were the way to prevent diabetes complications as well as the diabetes epidemic. Honestly, we were upset, too, that the big diabetes organizations pay their CEOs such incredible salaries, paid from the contributions of the single-mom clerks at our workplaces to support us on walks and rides. –That’s why RAD is all-volunteer, and why it’s grass-roots: we can all win the race against diabetes together!


We all know we should be exercising more and eating smarter . . . .  —But we know that isn’t easy!  Racing Against Diabetes is really all about how you can get yourself to exercise and eat smart, lose some weight . . . to win the race against diabetes.


Like it or not, we’re all in a race against diabetes—and the U.S. and even the whole world are losing!  RAD is about how to win the race.