RAD is really all about how you can get yourself to exercise and eat smart . . . to win the race against diabetes.




"Diabetics have a solemn duty: we must save our families and friends from diabetes, from dying in misery from diabetes or watching us die in misery. And we can."

--RAD co-founder Terry












Join us at the San Diego Velodrome too

Ride with us, please! 


We’re inviting everyone to join us at the Velodrome in San Diego’s Balboa Park on Saturday mornings.  Bring any kind of bike and a helmetor just come down and walk & talk.  It’s free, thanks to the SD Velodrome Ass’n.  –All ages, Saturdays 9:00 to noon, unless it’s wet. 


The Velodrome is an oval, banked 333-meter track; you can also just ride the flat apron. It’s the safest place to ride bikesno cars!and it’s a fun place to ride together, meet new friends, and talk.

RAD family-Kaia-M-B-2 

It’s 250 yards south of the pool in Morley Field, on the southeast end of Balboa Park in Florida Canyon, off Pershing Drive and Upas.


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