RAD is really all about how you can get yourself to exercise and eat smart . . . to win the race against diabetes.




"Diabetics have a solemn duty: we must save our families and friends from diabetes, from dying in misery from diabetes or watching us die in misery. And we can."

--RAD co-founder Terry












Terry’s preaching about importance of family

Hi! It’s me again.

1. If you have diabetes, remember: We’re a team with our family and friends. I probably wouldn’t be alive without Patty—and I don’t mean just the nights she’s saved me from desperate low-blood-sugar episodes. The encouragement to exercise, the motivation to work to be healthy for her sake not just my […]

Diabetics have a solemn duty

And it’s not just taking care of ourselves, though that’s our duty so our health care costs won’t break the country.

Our other solemn duty is save all our family and friends from getting diabetes. Get them on our team, and be leaders! Schedule exercise with them, get them to commit that they’ll fight to […]

Put that exercise bike in front of the TV!

Yes, in the living room!

Better yet, put two of them there and pedal with someone!

Hmm, still better: make a rule that the pedals have to be turning whenever the TV’s on. (OK, maybe start out with a rule that the pedals have to be turning the whole time commercials are playing. It’ll be […]